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Proud Member of the NADKC, DKV & FCI

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Dog Training: $615 per month plus the cost of shot birds. We also require a $275 deposit to reserve a slot.

Dog and Owner Training: $385 per month. This type of training will give you the hands on knowledge to properly train your dog and you will have a great time doing it!

Basic Obedience Training: $450 per month. This includes sit, heel, come, and many other behavior problems.

We strongly recommend that all dog owners stay up to speed with development of their dog's training. We like to see people come and visit 1-2 times a month. During your visits I will go over every detail of developments, methods, and strategies being used to transform your dog. We will also show you how to maintain your dogs training.

All breeds are welcome.

About Our Kennel

We have a 1200 square foot facility equipped with indoor outdoor runs, dog shower, indoor training tables and more. We have hundreds of acres of training grounds including ponds for water work. There is also a bunk room that people are welcome to use when coming to visit. Each dog we train gets the same care they would get from their owners.

For more info contact Buck at (231)330-4333 or buck@pleasantviewkennel.com

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